A Message From Emma

Well here I go again, attempt #101 to start my blog. Why… when it turns me into a procrastinating teenager in need of chocolate and coffee… well, it comes down to something kind of simple. I started my little business, Grassroots Design + Build, 4 years ago as an early midlife crisis. As each year rolls by, I find myself falling more in love with the world of design, and I love to tell anyone who wants to listen why. My goal is ultimately to help people embrace a little design in their lives.

So how did design become such a big part of my life? I have always been obsessed with furniture. Even in university I was re-upholstering furniture with glue guns (it can be done, albeit not well) but it never occurred to me that this could be my career. “Careers” in my family were things that take place in “offices”. So like a good girl, I spent many years in the government and simply practiced my design obsession by irritating my husband and constantly re-organizing our house.

With each additional child (we stopped at 3), I found myself further and further obsessed with design. The sheer beauty of a perfect pillow would momentarily take my mind off the baby spit-up on my shirt. And still to this day, “sheer beauty” is what good design means to me. Culturally, we love beautiful things, beautiful women (sorry dudes), the first snowfall, the small of a newborn baby, beautiful design takes my breath away, it washes over me, brings me back to that wide-eyed child staring at a giant ice cream cone.

So four years later, Grassroots Design + Build is still standing (Hallelujah)! The name emerged from the feeling that good design is grown from the home where it takes place. That’s why homes are so fascinating, they are snapshots of our entire lives… and I love being a part of that.

I am often asked, “what’s your personal style? Traditional? Modern? Shabby Chic?” and I honestly have no idea. Beautiful design to me sometimes follows rules and sometimes it doesn’t. The beauty for me often lies in the tensions between colours, aesthetics and timelines.

Like an old painted red chair. To me there is nothing more beautiful. The pure utility of the chair, the age of the craftsmanship and the modern touch of a vibrant colour combines everything I love.

With that being said, I wanted to wish you all a magical holiday season, and of course, the perfect red chair.
Happy Holidays!