Anne’s Home

Anne had a great eye for design and wanted help to pull together a unified look for her home.  By using layers of texture and rich colours we were able to create a sophisticated (but not snobby) feel for her spaces.

Blue and brass anchors the palette in the living room. Using different textures such as velvet, linen and sisal prevent the space from feeling too formal but the high end millwork of the french doors and fireplace keep the feel of a true traditional living room.

The breakfast area is a fun space with a retro table, glossy red stools and a classic red, white and blue colour scheme.  It's a cosy spot for a quick weekday bite or a drawn out Sunday morning coffee.

The master bedroom is a study in layers of luxury.  A grey and blue palette make is super sophisticated and soothing.  Grey and white damask wallpaper, blue upholstered head board, complimentary drapes with matching pillows and classic grey bedding create a space you're just dying to get to every night.