Chris & David’s Kitchen

This lovely home in Lindenlea needed a rework to make it more user friendly for the growing family. The homeowners wanted to preserve the century old feel of their home. By using materials with timeless style such as white subway tile, butcher block counters & soft, grey hand painted cabinets - we created a space that is fresh and new, but fits in perfectly with the house's old charm.

The homeowners spent the time and money to restore the old windows, painting them black took some nerve but the results are spectacular.  Removing a wall left a gap in the hardwood.  Instead of replacing all the old wood with new, we patched the floor with boards running the other way.  This as a fun nod to the "old" while still moving on with the "new".

Reclaimed wood boards were used to create a beam in the ceiling and cap the half wall.  The patina from old wood, and the tool marks add character unique to each piece.