Outdoor Spaces


A garden design consultation can be used to discuss ideas for improving your outdoor space. Topics such as plant selection, garden layout or tips on how to make the most of your space can be explored. The meeting will be followed up with notes on items discussed and may include a list of plant suggestions, hardscaping options or a sketch of possible garden layout.

Full Plan:
Whether you are a DIYer or plan on hiring a professional landscaper to install your garden, a plan is a very useful tool. It is a planting map, drawn to scale with a corresponding plant list. A plan defines the shape and extent of the garden area(s) and it tells you what to buy, how many to buy and where to plant them. It also helps you determine the volume of soil and mulch needed and estimate the cost before you proceed.


A gardening coaching session is like a personalized at-home gardening class.  If you are interested in working on your own yard, but don’t know the first thing about gardening, this is the service for you!  We will cover the basics of what needs to be done to keep your space looking it’s best.  Pruning, edging, deadheading, planting, weeding & soil improvement are just some of the skills that can be taught.

garden tools 2