Custom Woodwork

Getting the most out of a space often requires a custom touch.

Built in cabinets, unique filler pieces or custom cabinet details can elevate your space and make it 100% functional.  That tiny entrance way with wasted space? Tuck in a slim cabinet for keys and other “quick grab” items.  Lack of storage in the kitchen? A custom hutch to perfectly fit all your dishes can make the most of an otherwise dead space.  Small kitchen footprint? Floor to ceiling custom cabinets mixed with open shelves to keep everything neat and accessible.

Kitchen of the Week: Ikea-Hack Cabinets and Fun Floor Tile

Looking for a kitchen that reflected their funky approach to life and wouldn’t break the bank, an Ottawa couple reached out to interior designer Emma Doucet. The couple gave her,...

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Made for the Shade

Gardening in the shade presents some challenges but you don’t have to default to hostas, hostas, hostas.  There are many beautiful options which are made for the shade.  Don’t get...

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A Message From Emma

Well here I go again, attempt #101 to start my blog. Why… when it turns me into a procrastinating teenager in need of chocolate and coffee… well, it comes down...

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