Grassroots is an Ottawa-based design and build company who specializes in small spaces and older homes. Did we mention we’re also award winning? We deliver beautiful living spaces designed for every lifestyle.

Grassroots is a team effort. We work closely with our clients to help set design goals that are beautiful and functional. Our designs aren’t just for photographing, but for living in- though they do make a pretty awesome picture.

We know renovating isn’t always fun, but we are!  So whether this is your first time working with a designer or you’re a seasoned vet, we strive to make you feel comfortable from start to finish. We never forget that it’s not just another job, you are inviting us into your home.


Advocate and support women working in the construction industry.


We pay our team fair wages.  No one can take care of your home if they don’t themselves make a living wage.


Good design choices often cost the same as bad design choices. It is just a matter of knowing where to look.


We will not misrepresent the cost of a renovation to the best of our available knowledge. We can’t see through walls but our experience will allow us to give clients a realistic sense of what work will cost.


We don’t take ourselves to seriously, but we take the work seriously! We want you to be in love with your new space.


Wherever possible, we try to support our local community. Whether buying paint, ordering countertops or furniture, we try to buy from local suppliers.

Our Team

Emma Doucet

Founder and Principal Designer

Grassroots Founder and Principal Designer, Emma Doucet opened the company in 2012. Her passion for design was born from an uncontrollable urge to constantly re-decorate everything around her. She was worried if she didn’t turn this into a profession she would bankrupt herself. Her design aesthetic aims to combine function with beauty, believing these never have to be compromises. Emma finds inspiration in bold colours, unusual patters, adventurous furniture pairings and natural materials.  

Emma’s designs are shaped by being a busy mother of three. Spaces need to be able to grow with you throughout the various stages of your life. Her design approach was informed by her work as the former Director of Consultation and Outreach for Heritage Canada. Emma brings that collaborative approach to design. Pride in a project is best when shared between all those who worked on it.

Born and raised in Ottawa, Emma’s lifelong mission is to dispel the myth that Ottawa is boring, conservative and un-stylish city, one reno at a time!

Let’s talk about what we can do for you.