Project Description

Holly’s main bathroom

Double duty main bathroom

In this renovation we actually did something we haven’t done before – removed a bathroom!  The second floor had two bathrooms back to back which ended up being a big waste of space in a home which didn’t boast a lot of space to begin with.  Transitioning to one bathroom meant that the final product had to feel like a master bathroom but work like a family one. This meant fitting in a large vanity, walk in shower and soaker tub as well as storage.  The jumping off point was a blue cement tile that the client found.  It sets the tone for the whole space.  To keep the space from feeling too cool with the bold blue floor, warm white paint and tile was used on the walls and ceiling  and rich wood for the vanity and open shelves. A lovely punched metal light creates a soothing atmosphere when lit alone while taking a soothing bath. The main floor did have a powder room located in the centre of the house which broke up the space.  We relocated it to a space behind the stairs – literally the width of the toilet.  To accommodate a sink, we chose a super small basin and custom made a vanity top from a piece of live edge wood.   Just because as space is small doesn’t mean it can’t have style.  Desert inspired teal wallpaper with gold accents and V-grove paneling make this room a little jewel.  Oh…and the gold tap – because sometimes you just need a gold tap!